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By donating or volunteering, your contribution grows our capacity to empower people to create meaningful impacts.



We have ambitious plans to empower people to collaborate in our communities, starting with poverty reduction. You can support this mission by donating to one of our core initiatives. Your contribution in our early stages of growing Atria has critical importance.

Atria's Cooperative

Support the people behind the scenes

Support the builders, creators and organizers that make up the Atria community. By donating to the Cooperative, you empower us to create poverty reduction content for the world, cultivate a connected coop and engage the wider community.


Collaboration Platform

Support the next visionary step

We are fundraising for the Collaboration Platform to eliminate silos and bring clarity to how we will truly alleviate poverty in Vancouver together. By donating to the Collaboration Platform, you are creating that possibility for our community.

Atria is unable to provide tax-deductable receipts for donations.


Join the growing community of heart-centered warriors.

Atrians believe change is possible within our communities. Being an Atrian means you see a bright future full of love, joy, and generosity in our world. It means you believe every person has value and can make a difference, no matter who they are. It means you know that great things are only accomplished when we work together. We are looking for passionate and compassionate people to help us cultivate a world where all beings can thrive. If Atria’s mission excites you and you want to help us achieve our vision, you can join as a Cooperative member.

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Benefits to being an Atrian include:


  • Becoming one of the actors who enable great change in our community

  • Participating in a community of heart-centred warriors on a mission for humanity

  • Contributing to the direction of the cooperative with your voice and vote

  • Benefiting from any profit produced by the cooperative

To be an Atrian is something special.

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